Pay it Forward!

When you donate to Fermat’s you are making it possible for others (and yourself) to see free theater. We have the costs every theater company has – venue, sets, costumes, posters, etc. By contributing you are ensuring that the next show we do will also be free. It’s easy – and donations of any amount are welcome.

Paypal – make a contribution to our paypal account – fermatstheatermadison (at)

Kickstarter – every spring we do a Kickstarter to help pay to help pay for our summer play – watch our Facebook page for news.

Become a member or patron  – Fermat’s does not charge admission or sell tickets to any of our performances. We use the model of public radio – we make theater available to everyone, and ask those who value and support our work to make a contribution. We have several member/donor levels. Members can give at the $10/year level (students & low income workers), or $25 or $50/year for a standard membership. Patrons we ask to make a minimum contribution of $100 for individuals or $125 per couple/year – this entitles these donors to attend our annual cast/patron dinner, which is catered by Underground Foods. Of course, donations of more than $125 are always welcome!

How you can give – Paypal donations can be made to fermatstheatermadison(at) – checks can be made out to Fermat’s Last Theater and sent to 3113 View Road, Madison WI 53711. Tax deductible on-line donations may be made to our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor, Arts Wisconsin.

Thank you!

For each of our summer productions we have run a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to pay for all the many expenses it takes to mount a play – venue costs, sets, costumes, posters and very modest honoraria for the crew. Kickstarter, of course, is a crowd funding site where we describe our project, set a target and then beg for money. Prior to the 2015 run of Miss Julie, we made the decision to forgo admission fees and tickets and all our shows have been free since then.

Kickstarter was one of the first (if not the very first) crowd funding sites, and it is all or nothing. We set a goal, and if we make or exceed that goal we are funded – if we were to fall short we would get nothing. That makes them a bit stressful, but it’s a powerful incentive to our fundraising. Fermat’s is very pleased and proud that the campaigns for all four summer plays have been successful and that you, our public, find value in what we are doing and are willing to make donations so that serious theater is available to everyone.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here are the figures for each Kickstarter drive:

  • 2013 The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare – Goal of $2500, $2700 donated by 63 people
  • 2014 Troilus & Cressida by William Shakespeare – Goal of $1500, $1900 donated by 48 people
  • 2015 Miss Julie by August Strindberg – Goal of $3500, $3930 donated by 71 people
  • 2016 The Trial by Franz Kafka, an original adaptation – Goal of $3000, $3265 donated by 75 people

Fermat’s work has been supported in parts by grants from the Wisconsin Arts Board, the Madison Arts Commission, The Madison Community Foundation and Dane Arts.