When Londoners in 1606 suggested going to the Globe Theatre, they said to one another, “Let’s go hear a play.” The stage of the Globe had, after all, no set or scenery – costumes, yes, movement yes, but above all, “Words, words, words,” as Hamlet said to Polonius. The Fermat Podcast Project is all about words – the words of Shakespeare and other classic and well known writers, local poets and authors, and more. It’s all part of our theme for 2017 and 2018 – more theater, more art, less overhead. Two and three person scenes for actors, poets reading and discussing their work, scholars helping us make sense of difficult texts (such as Mother Courage and Her Children), musicians talking about composing and playing for the stage, astonishing letters by the likes of Emily Dickinson and Vincent Van Gogh.

Our plan is one podcast per month and to alternate classic and contemporary work. We are delighted to launch the series with a poetry reading by Madison author, musician and photographer Katrin Talbot. Watch this page for monthly updates.

Shakespeare’s sonnets for Valentine’s Day – the Karp sisters three!

From the Karp sisters three we have a wonderful reading of Shakespeare's sonnets for Valentine's Day.  By design we have ...
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Poems – Rita Mae Reese

Rita Mae Reese is the author of The Alphabet Conspiracy and The Book of Hulga, which was selected by Denise ...
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Music from the Age of Shakespeare by Ely Phan

Ely Phan is a Chicago-based maker of theatre, music, & lattes, with deep roots in Madison, Wisconsin. In work, Phan ...
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Shakespeare portrait

The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Meet the Macbeths! Odd though it may seem, we actually see more of their shared, private, married lives than perhaps ...
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Emily Dickinson

“Is my verse alive?” Letters of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson is one of America's most widely read and beloved poets.  Her letters are not as well known, but ...
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Katrin Talbot

Poems | Katrin Talbot

Australian-born Katrin Talbot’s collection The Little Red Poem is forthcoming from dancing girl press. She has three other chapbooks, noun’d, ...
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The Podcast Project is supported in part by grants from the Wisconsin Arts Board, The Madison Arts Commission and Dane Arts.


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